Cecilia's Daily

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


“Back to school” makes me think of lots of things:

no more beach days…

less time for designing and sewing on my Singer sewing machine…(but do not worry – I always find time!!!)lots of reading and studying…choosing the perfect pair of sneakers to wear for PE…(because I don’t normally wear sneakers unless they are those big clunky ones I have to wear for tennis!)and of course, new dresses !!!

Not for MOI (me) but for some girls whose mom’s can’t afford to buy them a new dress for “Back to School”

I know how great it feels to wear something new for the first day of “Back to school,” so I want to make some girls feel great too!!!

off to my sewing room, I go… I only have a couple of days to make some dresses and deliver them before I start school on August 29…

xoxoxo cecilia