Cecilia's Daily

Monday, August 29, 2011


Now that the “back to school” dresses I made for the girls at LA Family Housing are delivered, I can now think about what I am going to wear to my first official day of 7th grade !

I LOVE designing and creating dresses but I ALSO LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it for girls like Diana, Karen, Rebecca and Tiffanie !

They were really happy so that makes me really happy!!!

Even though I am just a kid, It feels good to be able to do something all by myself to help others not as lucky as me !

I hope we ALL have a great school year !

Remember: study hard, get good grades and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS !!!

xo cecilia

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The day before school starts…
my notebooks are organized, I have finished Farenheight 451, my backpack is ready..
NOW I am busy making COLLARS for my shirts  … the dress code says we must wear “collared shirts”


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


“Back to school” makes me think of lots of things:

no more beach days…

less time for designing and sewing on my Singer sewing machine…(but do not worry – I always find time!!!)lots of reading and studying…choosing the perfect pair of sneakers to wear for PE…(because I don’t normally wear sneakers unless they are those big clunky ones I have to wear for tennis!)and of course, new dresses !!!

Not for MOI (me) but for some girls whose mom’s can’t afford to buy them a new dress for “Back to School”

I know how great it feels to wear something new for the first day of “Back to school,” so I want to make some girls feel great too!!!

off to my sewing room, I go… I only have a couple of days to make some dresses and deliver them before I start school on August 29…

xoxoxo cecilia

Monday, August 22, 2011

Karl is NOT a snob!!!

You all know how much I lOVE Karl Lagerfeld, right? Well, I guess I am about to fall in love with Macy’s !

Why????? well, on August 31st his special collection for Macy’s (with a Macy’s budget) is debuting!!!

With out having to shop (or shall I say DREAM?) at Chanel, I am sure we we will get to see lots of black, leather, white and even hot pink !!!

I love that he, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, is NOT a snob and that he would agree to design a collection for Macy’s!!! while he is the designer for Chanel !!!

He said, “To me Macy’s is the perfect department store in the US where everybody can find what they’re looking for without ruining their budget. That’s why I am happy to make this limited collection just for Macy’s.”

I would be happy to make a collection for Macy’s too!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

zig zag and more zig zag…

I love Missoni because of the zig zags and bright colors mixed together – as if, no matter what: it will always match!!!

The greatest news is that now it will be more affordable because,… it is going to be at Target on September 13th!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every little girl deserves a Madame Alexander doll !!!

As I always say, “because every little girl deserves a dress…” I think every little girl deserves a doll !

So, … now you can get a Madame Alexander Doll designed by moi – Cecilia Cassini !

A while ago, the Madame Alexander Doll Company asked me to  design an outfit for one of their dolls!

Today, I am so excited to introduce the  ”Favorite Friends Fashionista” doll designed by me  Cecilia Cassini !!!”

You will notice that the doll is wearing a fabulous dress with a “puff”  - just like what I design for you and me ! Of course she is wearing a special “puff” in her hair too!

Starting now, you can pre-order one of these fab dolls!!!


once you get to the site, type in “Cecilia Cassini” in the search box and… voila !!!

xoxo ciao for now !!! I’m off to creating some new dresses !!! and a NEW doll for Mafdame Alexander !!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Teen Choice Award Fashion !!!

Rowan Blanchard wins the “Teen Choice Fashion Award” ! Wearing a Cecilia Cassini original from her “Nautical Feather” summer collection, Rowan rocked the Red Carpet Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards! I also loved what Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were wearing!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping at my studio!!!

It is always fun to “go shopping” in someone else’s closet, right????

Well, I love when Rowan Blanchard – my friend ! and star of Spy Kids: All the time in the world  (opening next week!) – shops in MY studio !!!

Today, she stopped by (with her sister Carmen) to find the “perfect” dress for the Teen Choice Awards…

I wonder which one she will end up wearing…. Which one do you like?

Look for her “rocking” the red carpet Sunday night!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think you all know how much I LOVE bows !

I love to wear bows in my hair, or even tie my own hair into a bow !

I love to wear bow earrings and rings !

And now, my new favorite thing: BOWS on  my nails!!!

I found the best nail place where they actually do what is called “Japanese Nail Art”

You get to choose from boxes and boxes and boxes of little charms – anything from kitty cats, to slices of fruit, to guitars to … yes of course, BOWS !!!!This place is the best ! They offer you free boba drinks and a free shoulder massage while getting your nails done !

In case you are interested, there are also some people to see getting THEIR nails done too! (Demi was getting very pointy hot pink nails put on!)But anyways, this place is the BEST !!! Look at my nails!!! BOWS, BOWS and of course a little CC too!

VOILA !!!!

xoxox ciao for now,


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the way to 1st place !!!

In tennis…

Some people say, … “It is not about the racket!”

Some people say, … “It’s not about the balls”

“It is about how well you play!”

I think it IS about the racket (I use Nadal’s Aero Pro Drive – Babolat)

I think it IS about the balls

I think it is FOR SURE about how well you play!

But: there is something else very important!

I think  it IS also Definitely about the tshirt you wear on the day of your team’s final match!

If you do not like the typical boxy boys tshirt they always give to the girls at these matches,

try making it a bit more girly and fabulous! get out your sissors, turn on your Singer “Confidence” machince and have fun! (In case you do not have a machine, use glue!)If you like what you are wearing and feel great in it, you will definitely play your best and make your way to FIRST PLACE !!!