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Monday, December 9, 2013


Last week, right after Thanksgiving, I had the chance to be part of two charity events that were all about


as I have always said, “every little girl deserves a dress” and I also believe “everyone deserves help to get back on their feet” and “everyone deserves a good meal.”

I hope that everyone will think of a way to help transform lives  and to give hope to someone this holiday season !!!

Dress for Success – Shop for Success

Project Angel – Divine Design

As always, Singer Co (Singer SVP) helps me to help you “Follow Your Dreams”

Friday, December 6, 2013

Every $5 you spend, will feed someone at PROJECT ANGEL

Can you imagine being very sick ? We all knows how good it feels to have a meal brought to us when we don’t feel well, right?

Thankfully, there is an organization called

“PROJECT ANGEL” that cooks and delivers more than 13,000 free, healthy, and yummy meals every week to men, women and children who have life threatening illnesses like AIDS and Cancer. This year alone, they will provide 600,000 meals for free to over 2000 people in need.

This week is their DIVINE DESIGN SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA, December 5-8th where we can get amazing shopping deals from fashion, beauty and home merchandise.  As long as we are shopping – for jeans, a candle, a cashmere sweater, an espresso coffee machine,  a Cecilia Cassini children’s holdiay dress or even a new Singer Co sewing machine  - we can buy these items, that have been donated by the designers, at up to 80% discount! The best part is knowing that every $5 we spend shopping will provide a meal for someone.

I am so happy that I am a part of this great event and organization – I say “beacuse every little girl deserves a dress, …” and now I am saying, “because everyone deserves a meal!”

In addition to a dress I created, I have also donated 2 Singer Confidence Sewing machines and more! Make sure to buy that someone special a sewing machine at Divine Design 2013 and give them all the confidence they need to get sewing and making a difference in some way!!!

@ProjAngelFood #DivineDesign2013


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Join me for Shop for Success, where 100 percent of sales proceeds and donations go directly to benefit the career development and employment retention programs of Dress for Success Worldwide-West.

Providing deals on merchandise from more than 100 brands and offering its first-ever eco-friendly department led by EcoDiva, Taryn Hipwell, Dress for Success Worldwide-West will also be hosting a VIP Charity Shopping Party on Wednesday, December 4, where guests and friends of the organization can have access to the store prior to opening to the public.  The shopping continues through Saturday, December 7th.

Of course, I have donated some fabulous things to this auction – one of my one-of-a-kind designs created for @CW_ANTM America’s Next Top Model and also a “get started” #followyour dreams package with a @Singerco sewing machine and one of my “limited edition” Fashionista dolls I created for Madame Alexander !

I’m a Shop for Success Ambassador and would love for you to join me to support the most fashionable fundraiser in town on December 4-7, 2013 in Los Angeles…

xoxox Follow Your Dreams,


@ceciliacassinifashiondesigner – instagram

@CeciliaCassini – twitter



Friday, September 6, 2013


funny… last year at about this time, I was designing and creating “collars” and posted this blog:

the funny thing is… flashforward to now (August 2013), MiuMiu is showing collars for their fall/winter collection (and big huge zippers down the front of their tafetta dresses… remember my turquoise and berry dresses???? circa 2011)

Lots of us have “dress codes” at school that require us fashionable girls to wear a “collared” shirt. YUK !!!

But, do not worry: you can be fashionable even in “dress code”don’t forget, stay in “dress code” and avoid detention!

xo cecilia

Monday, April 8, 2013

“STAND UP for Jonah” … help me support Autism Speaks

I was always “tiny” standing next to Jonah… but STANDING UP for Jonah was something I was going to do, no matter what.

Jonah is my friend and he has the best smile anyone could imagine! I met him in third grade (we are now in 8th grade) and he changed my life !

While the other kids laughed at him because he randomly slapped and clapped his hands or walked around the yard while everyone else was sitting during assemblies, I watched him and tried to understand why he was acting differently. He seemed unaware or unaffected by the kids imitating him. I was fully aware, though, and was not going to let my classmates get away with bullying or teasing Jonah.

Soon, Ms. May, Jonah’s aide, explainned to me that Jonah has autism. I didn’t really understand what Autism is; but, I did understand that Jonah is a kid – just like me or you. He is kind, he is smart, he loves to play on the computer, he is tall,  he doesn’t always want to stay seated,  and he goes to camp during the summers. Jonah is a kid – like me or you – who is challenged by something… we all have our challenges: his has AUTISM.

One day, on the yard, everybody formed a circle around Jonah and that is when my life changed. I marched my little feet over to the circle and began to tell the kids to stop teasing Jonah. In my “third grade” way, I told them that they were hurting his feelings and that just because he was “different” than them, it was nott ok to be mean to him. I knew my words were heard becasue everyone walked away. As I went to put my hand on Jonah’s shoulder to tell him I was sorry that the other kids were mean to him, he bit my shoulder.  Once again the kids circled around Jonah – this time screaming that Jonah bit me. I was crying. Everyone thought I was crying because Jonah hurt me and the yard duty rushed me to the nurse, while Jonah was rushed to the principal’s office. I was not crying because I was hurt. I was crying because I felt badly for Jonah – that he was going to get in trouble for something he did not mean to do.

I will never forget the principal calling my mom that very moment – she told her what had happened and assured her that appropriate “consequences” would be given to Jonah. I asked to speak to my mom. I needed to tell my mom that it was NOT Jonah’s fault and that he should not have “consequences” for what he had done. I told her that Jonah must have been so fed up with all of the kids being mean to him – he wasn’t able to use his words to tell those kids to stop because he has autism. I explainned to my mom that Jonah didn’t want to hurt me and that it was an accident. I made my mom promise to tell the principal that is was NOT Jonah’s fault and that the other kids should be the ones getting the “consequences.”

That day, Jonah changed my life for ever ! I couldn’t stop thinking about the “consequences” Jonah should have gotten – all I could think of was compassion, understanding, patience and tolerance. Those were the consequnces I was going to give Jonah and I was determined for the principal and all of the other kids to do the same.

Five years later, I can still call Jonah my friend! He still goes to the same school and he too has lots of friends who have also leanred compassion, understanding, patience and tolerance !

April is Autism Awareness Month.

In Jonah’s honor, I am selling a collection of my one-of-a-kind “Stand Up for Jonah” dresses. I will donate all proceeds in his honor to Autism Speaks !

Every few days, I will post a photo of the dress from the “Stand Up for Jonah” collection that is available to purchase.

By emailing me at cecilia@ceciliacassini.com, I will know that you want to make the purchase. I will then forward you the address to send a check and at the same time, your one-of-a-kind “Stand Up for Jonah” dress or top will be shipped to you. By purchasing one of these dresses, you can feel good knowing that your money will be going to Autism Speaks and you will have done your part in helping kids like Jonah !

In keeping with my “Follow Your Dreams”  campaign, the first item for sale is my limited edition “Follow Your Dreams” top … $38 plus shipping and handling…

Friday, January 25, 2013


some pieces from my new collection, looking good in the background !lighting, cameras, set up!

mic’ed up and ready for sit down interview with ….

CAN’T say yet, but soon !

it’s a wrap !!!

can’t wait for all of you to see !!!

xo, cecilia


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sewing my dreams… for 2013

whatever your dreams are, make sure to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS in 2013 !I will be sewing my dreams, stitch by stitch… with Singer Co, of course…, with lots of “CONFIDENCE”

(just remember,… you don’t have to wait until you’re an adult to follow your dreams!)

how about you!!!!

HAPPY 2013 and may you never forget to “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS” !!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31st , 2012

wow! an entire year has gone by , again !

this has been an incredible year for me -

“Confessions of a Fashionette” on the STYLE Network

to the National Prudential “Spirit of Community Award” for my “Follow Your Dreams” campaign

and creating dolls for Madame Alexander called “Fashionista” & “Out on the Town”

to walking the red carpet with and dressing lots of celebs like …

yes !!!! ZAC EPHRON !

to “Go-To Designer” on America’s Next Top Model

and lots of inspiring moments in between – like visiting girls at Children’s Hospital LA, LA Family Housing and lots of schools in LA …

for me, it is all about not waiting until you are an adult to follow your dreams – why wait?

just last nite, I finished my final collection for 2012 that will actually be for FALL 2013…


My wish for all of you, in 2013, is to find your passion and to begin following your dreams – whatever they might be!

please continue to write me , tell me your dreams, and tell me how you are following them!

you can follow me on twitter @CeciliaCassini and facebook too !!!!

xoxoox Cecilia !!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

special collection for America’s Next Top Model #ANTM

Make sure to watch America’s Next Top Model season finale Friday nite…and see the special collection I created for the models!

I wonder who is going to be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL …

Monday, November 5, 2012


Appearing on “America’s Next Top Model” was amazing but it is just as amazing and fun for me to inspire other kids to “Follow Your Dreams”

As you know, I have been spending time with children at schools, hospitals and shelters to tell them my story and to hopefully inspire them to begin following their dreams ! Lately, I have been getting a lot of tweets and emails from so many people around the world saying that I have inspired them in some way to follow their dreams! That makes me so happy. Actually it makes me even more inspired to do more!

The first time I ever visited with children was when I was eight years old . I wanted to give some girls at a homeless shelter new “back to school” dresses “because every little girl deserves a dress.” mostly when you go back to school the first day.  I knew it was important “to give back” and this was something I could do to help people not as lucky as me!

That first visit with girls at Los Angeles Family Housing  ( #LAFH ) was the moment I realized that “giving back” was natural to me. It touched my heart in a way that is difficult to describe: It was just something that I wanted to do more of… I have done years of “giving back” and never imagined I would receive a National award for doing what just feel right to me ! Since receiving the Pridential Spirit of Community Award last May, I have also been named Youth Ambassador for IN TRUE FASHION and was interviewed by Teen Vogue about my “Follow Your Dreams” campaign. Lots of people have been asking me “WHY” do I do this: Well, it is just something I like to do – it makes me feel good to know that I have helped someone realize that they don’t have to wait to be an adult to follow their dreams…